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Before & After Tattoo removal Testimonials


Winter Park Tattoo Removal has just received our 275th review with a 4.9 star average! Not only specializing in tattoos, our skin blemish removal in Winter Park, FL, has also been highly rated. Read through our reviews and see how happy customers are with our services.

"It is so true that the choices we make as young people don't have to stay with us a lifetime. I had my 2 tattoos removed at this location in approx. 5 sessions and was very happy with my customer service and the Dr. was great! I would highly recommend this place to anyone." — Emma V.

"If you have a bad/unwanted tattoo, this is definitely the place to go! Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting my wannabee tattoo artist friend "practice" on me. I got a half sleeve of butterflies that pretty much covered my entire shoulder, it was dark too. After a day or 2 all of the color and detail started to fade and blur together, I hated it!
Anytime I would go out i would make sure its covered. I found this place online and decided to try them out. I was intrigued by there website which said they had a new laser removal treatment with the highest energy system in the world, and its the ONLY one in Florida! After my first visit I could already see a big difference, it looked as if I covered it with makeup and by my fourth visit it was completely gone! The pricing was also much better then any other place I looked into. Hope this helps." — Dorian D.

"It was six years ago when I made the mistake of getting a tribal tattoo. It wasn't very large, but size wasn't the issue. It went across my bicep and I was embarrassed by it. I found Winter Park Tattoo Removal through a friend who did one of my most recent pieces. It was reasonably priced and the staff was knowledgeable. After 5 sessions, you can't tell that there was even a tattoo on my arm! Extremely impressed. Highly recommended." — Anton A.

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